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Standing Mirror Caster FF4 WH

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Product Code 250810078800
Size 40 x 40 x 153cm
Materials MDF GLASS
Weight 6kg
Warranty -
Assembly Type Need to Assemble
Assembly Time 5Min
Delivery Type DropOffDelivery
Package Size 5 x 38 x 134cm
Package Weight 7kg
This product is designed to be used in a variety of ways, including as a stand, as a tabletop or as a storage unit.

● Effective use of space by placing storage cases and bags on the lower shelf
● Easy to move and convenient with casters

Shatterproof finish.
Customer assembly (Phillips/flat screwdriver required)
Please assemble by two or more people.

■ Size (approx.): 40 x 40 x 153 cm
■ Material: MDF, pine, glass, birch

[Handling Precautions]
When installing, be careful not to scrape the wall.
When using the product on a wood carpet, cushion floor or tatami mat, please lay down a carpet or use a protective material.
Please check each part for looseness and rattling before use.





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