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Stool N-Shield Kotei2 DBR

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*This self-assembly furniture is not subject to assembly services.


Product Code 250120024600
Size 55 x 45 x 40cm
Weight 6.4kg
Warranty 1Year(s)
Assembly Type Need to Assemble
Assembly Time 10Min
Delivery Type DropOffDelivery
Package Size 55 x 45 x 26cm
Package Weight 7kg

Specifically developed high performance fabric that withstands the test of scratches.
Durable S spring seating and 4-layered foam for added comfort and longevity.

Sit, sleep or relax; the versatility of the N Shield futon makes it a perfect fit not only for yourself, but for your guests. Our proprietary high performance fabric is made extra durable compared to other similar materials in the market, making it more durable.

A compact stool with solid, thick legs. The hard, taut surface makes it easy to stand and sit on, and is a great place to put your feet up.

*The image is in dark brown.
*In the case of the image, the accessories used are staged items.

This sofa can be used as a sub for a living room sofa, in a bedroom or a child's room.

The seat is made of hard and taut S-spring.
The seat is hard and taut with S-springs, perfect for placing your feet as an ottoman.

Modern legged design with enough height from the floor to be Also compatible with robot cleaners.
*Except for some models.

The surface of the synthetic leather is made of "N-Shield", a material that is very resistant to scratches.

* 50000 hours of work time is calculated at 85℃ ambient temperature.

The N-Shield is a scratch-resistant, durable material that resists scratching and peeling. It is also easy to care for, as it does not require moisturizing care, unlike natural leather.
[Surface material and care method]
■ Synthetic leather
Mainly PVC (vinyl chloride leather), PU (polyurethane), and soft leather. The soft leather is more flexible and durable than the leather.
When the surface is dirty, it can be easily wiped with water for easy cleaning.
When the surface gets dirty, you can use a neutral detergent to clean it.






主にPVC(塩化ビニールレザー)、PU(ポリウレタン)、ソフトレザー を指します。

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