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Porous Ceramics Spoon 1.25ML WH

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Product Code 250893221100
Size 6.5 x 2 x 1.2 CM
Weight 0.01 KG
Warranty -
Assembly Type ASSEMBLED
Assembly Time -
Package Size 6.9 x .5 x 10.8cm
Package Weight 0.02 KG

● Absorbs excess moisture
● Salt and other seasonings do not harden

1 teaspoon: approx

It does not have a relaxing effect.
*Cannot be used for sugar. It will absorb too much moisture and cause the sugar to harden.
● When using for the first time, heat in a microwave oven at 500W for 2-3 minutes and dry.

[Cleaning method]
● If seasoning (salt, etc.) adheres to the surface of this product, please dry it.
● Do not use soap or detergent. It may cause the water absorption to decrease.
● Do not immerse in water. Doing so may cause deterioration.
● Do not use steel scrubbing brushes or scouring powder. The surface will be scraped and cause damage.

[Handling Precautions]
● Porous ceramics are fragile. Please handle with care.
● When storing, store in a well-ventilated place.
● Although a small amount of powder comes out from the surface, there is no problem in using it as it is naturally derived and safe. Also, there is no harm to the human body.
● Small chips and scratches during use will not reduce water absorption. You can continue to use it.
● Color may be transferred or discolored due to seasoning pigments, etc., but it does not reduce the performance of the product, so you can use it as it is.
● The minerals of the salt may adhere to the product and cause discoloration, but this does not affect the performance of the product, so it can be used as is.
● It is hygienic because it is baked at a high temperature of 1000℃ or higher.

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