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18 Apr to 13 May 2024
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Double Mattress N-Sleep Luxury L4-Cc

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₱79,990.00 - ₱79,990.00
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Product Code 250228580000
Size W140 x D197 x H39cm
Weight 66kg
Warranty 10 years
Assembly Type Assembled
Assembly Time -
Delivery Type DeliveryWithAssembly
Package Size W0 x D0 x H0cm
Package Weight 69kg

* In the case of an image, the accessories used are production items.
* The image uses a single size.

In pursuit of the ideal sleep, the "N Sleep" series developed by Nitori. With an overwhelming number of springs, it has excellent durability and pressure dispersion, and it is easy to turn over, making it the highest ranking mattress in the series.

If you hang a sheet on the topper and use it, it is easy to wash and maintain.

A three-layer coil structure with an alternating arrangement with high coil density for all three layers of the top and bottom (upper and lower layers). The coil supports the body at points and fits according to the line of the body. It exhibits excellent pressure dispersion without pressure being applied to a specific location.

Under the soft urethane, "C-CORE" and latex with excellent ventilation and resilience are placed to achieve a soft sleeping comfort and smooth turning over. Urethane foam enclosed on the outside prevents it from losing its shape.

The surface is a highly elastic knit fabric with antibacterial, deodorant, and mite-proof treatment.

This is a double size.

* Thickness about 39 cm (the part that is most swollen is measured)

[Number of springs]
3491 pieces

[This product can be replaced within 30 days from the delivery date]

If you are not satisfied with your mattress, we will replace it with another mattress within 30 days of the delivery date.
* The customer will be responsible for the increase fee and shipping fee at the time of replacement.
Limited to products used with bed pads, BOX sheets, etc.

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