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Cabinet Etona 60DB WH/SI

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Product Code 250472432000
Size 60 x 42 x 181cm
Materials Fiber Board
Weight 52kg
Warranty 5Year(s)
Assembly Type Need to Assemble
Assembly Time 10Min
Delivery Type DeliveryWithAssembly
Package Size Packing 1:
Width 26 x Depth 62 x Height 44 cm
Packing 2:
Width 32 x Depth 61 x Height 44 cm
Package Weight 54kg
A simple design that goes well with any room.
Perfect size for singles and students living alone.
Of course, even in the family, large-capacity storage is possible if the series products are prepared according to the purpose.
Full of safe functions in the event of an earthquake.
Seismic lock: When shaken, the door (upper stand) is locked, making it difficult for the contents to pop out.
Anti-scattering film: Hard to scatter when the glass breaks.
Seismic shelf dowel: The shelf board does not come off easily even if it shakes.
Inclined shelves: The shelves are lowered to the rear side, making it difficult to slide forward.
The counter top plate is resistant to scratches, heat and dirt (light brown: EB floor sheet, white: enamel UV coating). A rail that is highly durable and easy to put in and take out things in the back.
Rails made by the world-famous manufacturer Hettich are used for the first and third steps. A bottom receiving structure that distributes and receives the load of the drawer, and a fully open type that makes it easy to put in and take out things in the back.

[Detailed size (approx.)]
[Upper stand]
■ Inside the door: Width 54.5 x Depth 37 x Height 61.5 cm
Number of shelves: 3 movable shelves
Shelf board movable pitch: 3 cm / 3 steps
Shelf board size: Width 54 x Depth 34.5 × Thickness 1.5 cm
Open space: Width 54.5 × Depth 41 × Height 30 cm
Number of shelves: 1 movable shelf
Shelf plate movable pitch: 3 cm / 3 steps Shelf board size :Width 54 × Depth 20 × Thickness 1.5 cm

■ Drawer inner dimensions
Upper: Width 50.5 x Depth 36 x Height Effective Inner Dimension 9 cm
Middle tier: Width 49 x Depth 36.5 x Height Effective Inner Dimension 20.5 cm
Lower tier: Width 50.5 x Depth 36.5 x Height Effective Inner Dimension 30.5cm

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