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Sheet Topper N Cool WSP N-S DBL S

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Product Code 250756568100
Size 100 x 200 x 2 CM
Weight 1.29 KG
Warranty -
Assembly Type ASSEMBLED
Assembly Time -
Package Size 29 x 16 x 25cm
Package Weight 1.3 KG

Single Size

N Cool WSP
The coldest but long-lasting [Smooth] Reversible with a very cold feeling and a knit surface that blends well with the skin

"Front" and "Back" reversible
You can use it for a long time from spring to autumn by using a cool and long-lasting "ultra-cold" material in summer and a smooth "knit" material in spring and autumn.

The secret is in medium-sized microcapsules Sustained cooling feeling sheet
PCM-processed microcapsules inside the cool fabric keep you cool.
Maintains a comfortable temperature with endothermic and heat dissipation functions. Recommended for sweaty children and those who are hot.

PCM processing: Contains microcapsules with a continuous cooling sensation function

6 comfort features
Effective against the "smell" that is a problem in summer ! You can easily wash it at home by using a washing net .
* Not available in some products, please check before purchasing.

Choose from your favorite "texture"
"front" and "back" Different materials and texture!

Single size
[Cool contact feeling of Nitori (N cool double super)] Outer fabric

● Moisture absorption and desorption (middle cotton)
● Antibacterial deodorant (outer fabric )
● Antibacterial processing (outer fabric)
● Deodorant
● Suppression of room drying odor ( Outer fabric)
● Washing OK
● Can be used on both sides

■ Composition
Table fabric: 55% nylon, 38% composite fiber (nylon, polyethylene), 7% polyurethane
Non-woven fabric: 50% rayon, 50% polyester (PCM processing)
Filling: Upper layer polyester 100%
Lower layer 75% polyester, 25% synthetic fiber (acrylate)
Lining fabric: 100% polyester

■ Washing machine OK (using net)

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