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18 Apr to 13 May 2024
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CS-01 Corner Sofaset N-Shield FB H-BE

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Original price ₱42,990.00 - Original price ₱42,990.00
Original price
₱42,990.00 - ₱42,990.00
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Product Code 250115768000
Size W180 x D200 x H78cm
Materials FABRIC
Weight 81.5kg
Warranty 5 years
Assembly Type Assembled
Assembly Time 5mins
Delivery Type DeliveryWithAssembly
Package Size W0 x D0 x H0cm
Package Weight 21.5kg

The gentle texture unique to fabric fabrics blends into the space as an interior.
It can be divided into 3 people and 2 people and used according to the scene.
The seat uses a pocket coil that supports the body at points and distributes the pressure.
You can maintain a comfortable posture with a well-fitted seating.
Since the legs can be removed, it can be made into a low-type sofa.

It is processed to prevent pilling, fluff, and threads from popping out, and it is difficult to get dirty and easy to remove.

1: Anti-pilling (anti-pilling) 2: Anti-snacking (prevention of threads from popping out)

3: Anti-fouling treatment

This sofa is made of a new material that is resistant to stains and scratches caused by pet claws.
* It does not completely prevent scratches on pets.
* This product is intended for water-based and oil-based stains and is not effective against all stains.

Antifouling treatment does not completely prevent or completely remove dirt.
Compared to general woven fabrics, it is a highly durable fabric.

The back cushion and attached cushion can be washed by removing the cover. (The seat and body are staked)
* For details on washing conditions, be sure to check the washing picture display on the product (around the inside of the cover and zipper opening).

■ Included cushions: 2 pieces
■ Leg height (approx.): 11 cm
■ Leg diameter (approx.) 3 cm / Auxiliary leg: 3 cm

[Surface material and care method] Cloth

How to clean: Vacuum up dirt and dirt or use a soft brush.

For persistent stains, gently wring out a cloth soaked in a liquid diluted with neutral detergent and patting to remove the dirt.
After that, wipe it well with a cloth wrung out of water so that there is no detergent left.
Pocket coil spring (Independent tubular spring
used for beds provides firm support for the body)

[Delivery frontage size (approx.)]
65 cm

* In the case of the image, the accessories used are production items.

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